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For those who treasure the coastal life, Ora is home. Invigorating, yet calming. Spectacular and serene. A vivid landscape seconds from your front door. For every morning swim and every sunset stroll.

Sorrento Beach

Where life is immersive.

Step outside for a run on the beach. Take a leisurely bike ride along West Coast Drive. Dive in for an invigorating morning swim or spend the day out on the boat. Much like the views, the possibilities are infinite.

Embrace the coastal life.
Every day.

From boating to fishing, stand up paddle boarding, kite surfing or early morning kayaking, for those who feel at home on the water, Sorrento is endlessly appealing, and everyday offers something new.

Hillarys Boat Harbour

Easy breezy.

In between more active pursuits there are plenty of opportunities to relax along the coast, over coffee, lunch or a sunset cocktail.

Hillarys Boat Harbour - Retail

The coastal life is addictive. There’s always something to do, and yet, having nothing to do is rarely more enjoyable.

Coastal convenience.

Ora is just a scenic walk, bike ride or drive from some of Perth’s most iconic beaches, and there are all of life’s essentials nearby.


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